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PapersHive is a Next-Gen R&D tool for Reference Managing, Literature Surveillance and MedTech Analytics. Streamline your workflow all in a single platform.

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Literature Monitoring

Explore trends, refine searches, and discover Key Opinion Leaders with a suite of AI search mining tools made specifically for you.

A Smarter Reference Manager

Connect your library with Microsoft Word Addon for any technical writing.

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Quickly find Key Opinion Leaders among millions of publications and share such insights with your team!

By building relationships with professionals, you take off your business to the next level.

Excited about Search technology and AI.

As the amount of publications grows larger the need for good search strategies grows. Finding the latest research can be daunting and it might require a lot of manual tasks.

We are exited for search and analysis to solve this problem. At the same time we want to speed up the search process, make it easier to collaborate and make sure important data is never missed.

“I hope that we provide a product that makes it easy to perform research. I want to make sure that no important information is lost because of a lacking search.”

Anna Nilsson

Co-Founder, PapersHive

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We want to provide a product that is easy to use and powerful at the same time. We would love to hear your feedback!

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Search across 250 million publications and enjoy one-click download directly to your library.

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Connect your library with Microsoft Word Addon for any technical writing.

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We have noticed that many smaller companies consider it too expensive to use the available solutions. We strive towards being affordable even if you are just one person.

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Designed for Teams: share your library with your peers, highlight and comment together – you will never miss an update from your team again!

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We believe in creating something that is actually useful and makes peoples work life easier. Here are some words from our current customers.

"Your sophisticated search is way better than our current Reference Manager"
Develops Pharma
“Your system outperforms our current solutions”
A Cancer Researcher
“Your AI is great. A bet in the future.”
Works with Antibody technologies
"It's brilliant"
Senior Advocate

The Team

Matteo Ghetti

Co-Founder // Dev-ops and Sales

Stergios Efes

Co-Founder // AI/ML and Search

Anna Nilsson

Co-Founder // UX and Web Development

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