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PapersHive: the next-gen Academic Search Engine

Fully developed in Sweden, PapersHive is an attempt to bring scientific knowledge of countless of papers on the surface in a simple manner. Instead of showing you millions of results, we give you the opportunity to browse through all of them with our meaningful AI-driven categories . Unlocking the full information beyond the the first page with millions of results at your complete disposal. Break science free!

Our unique value proposition: the "Hive Effect"

Since PageRank was introduced to the world it changed and shaped the perspective of the web as we know it today. While it is quite beneficial on the web, its use on science leads to a controversial effect called the Matthew Effect creating a vicious cycle: the same articles will be cited, making them more relevant, and therefore ensuring more future citations. We believe academic knowledge should not be constrained to a cycle. This is why we give you the power of information, deciding how to browse over your results and being able to unleash the full knowledge behind your searches and science. We call this the “Hive Effect“.

Our mission: one search, infinite possibilities

Academic knowledge can be sometimes hard to grasp or to follow, especially if compared to a everyday web search. At PapersHive we made it our mission to ensure you a full understanding of your searches in a simple manner. Science should be accessible by everyone: easy browsing of the results, a groovy UX and no sacrifice of relevancy!

Based in Europe: your rights matter!

PapersHive is based in Uppsala – Sweden. We respect the European laws and cultures, and we want to contribute to them. PapersHive is GDPR compliant and has pride in putting you in control of your data. It’s not big data if it is your data.


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