Introducing The Advanced Query Builder.

PapersHive just released an Advanced Query Builder. It helps you creating complicated searches and removing the headache of syntax.

Introducing The Advanced Query Builder
PapersHive's Advanced Query Builder View

Extremely relevant results demand a complex search strategy behind. And as the query becomes more and more complicated to build, chances are that we are forgetting an open quote or a parenthesis somewhere.

Want to search only authors? Perhaps filtering out a specific journal? Filtering within a specific range? PapersHive have you covered. You can now use the Advanced Query Builder that will take care of the headache of building such narrow and specific queries.

If you come from PubMed, you will notice the resemblance on the syntax. As you will be able to copy and paste the search strategies (namely queries) from one platform to the other interchangeably.

As usual, simplicity is still in our core and the Advanced Query Builder makes no exception. It is tuned to be intuitive and simple. Test it out! And contact us for any feedback.

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