How Cinclus Pharma ensured searchability of references with PapersHive for GERD.

Cinclus Pharma started using PapersHive centralizing search (PubMed and Clinical Trials), reference management and AI analytics in a end-to-end solution.

How Cinclus Pharma ensured searchability of references with PapersHive for GERD

About Cinclus Pharma

Cinclus Pharma AB is a Swedish company developing a treatment for patients suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This disorder leads to erosions, acid regurgitations and heartburn. Thanks to their lead drug candidate, linaprazan glurate, the company is on a mission to treat GERD both on a moderate and severe level.


Clinical Research

Company Size:

Medium / Small (1-50 employees)



Use Case:

Automate Literature surveillance processes.


Reference Manager, MS Word Add-In, Search Keyword Analysis, Collaboration.

PubMed collections and local references

During this intensive developmental phase, Cinclus Pharma needed to gather and compile scientific information on GERD, especially about already existing therapies and unmet clinical need in the field.

Their approach involved creating reference collections in PubMed and saving references locally. But this was time consuming and it did not allow the references to be searchable.

– Both solutions lacked the searchability, therefore, finding the right reference from the collection was challenging and time consuming, says Elham Yektaei, Global Clinical Scientist at Cinclus Pharma.

Elham Yektaei, Global Clinical Scientist at Cinclus Pharma

Integrating PapersHive

As the volume of references increases every day, keep undertaking the tasks of searching, saving locally and labeling references manually would have just become time consuming by the day.

The PapersHive platform is supporting Cinclus Pharma needs in the following key ways:

Built-in Search Engine in the Library

With its smart reference manager, PapersHive allowed Cinclus Pharma to create collections of references and to search directly over the full-text.

"PapersHive lets us to create reference libraries with the ability to search in the body of the articles."

Cinclus Pharma didn't have to worry about duplicates, downloading PDFs or remember where they read a specific part. They could just search directly all over their collections and references.

Automatic grouping and labeling

The more the references the more the time spend on labeling them for easier retrieval. PapersHive built-in grouping and labeling based on MeSH and chemicals made Cinclus Pharma automate completely the labeling and analysis process.

- Besides the possibility of making multiple libraries, one can even categorize and label the references in each library for easier access.

Clinical Trials

In its latest update, PapersHive included Clinical Trials in its search.

This quickly allows to scout several databases in just one search including Clinical Trials US, Clinical Trials EU, PubMed, MEDLINE, PubMed Central and Preprints.

Saved time and ensured communication

With PapersHive's help, Cinclus Pharma is saving time in finding references, making their full-text searchable, removing duplicates and ensuring that valuable information is always searchable.

At the same time, Cinclus relies a lot on internal team work. This meant commenting and highlighting insights on references was crucial for their teams.

Elham is confident that PapersHive will continue to support the needs of Cinclus Pharma in the future because of its commitment to innovation.

"PapersHive definitely saves time when it comes to finding a piece of information from a reference!"

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