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We are sure you have lots of questions about the engine and the product overall. Here we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. Please have a look, but do not hesitate to ask us if there is something you are wondering.

About the Search

PapersHive updates daily and new data is added constantly: publications, clinical trials and patents. If you don’t find a specific publication, you can add it to your collection by importing it or contacting us at [email protected]

Yes, you can create complex advanced strategies by following our syntax guide. You can also use the automatically generated simply by performing searches.

The keywords are automatically generated by analysing title and abstract and counting occurrences. While by signing up, you will access keywords based on full-text

Relevancy is constantly tested with different algorithms and we strive to bring you the most relevant results at each search.

PapersHive is different from other search engines, as it approachthe relevancy problem from a different angle. Traditional search engines focus on giving you the best results as quickly as possible. PapersHive, instead, focuses on exploratory searches in order for you to iterate over search strategies and ensure high recall.

You can easily check the full list of sources at The Publication Coverage Page, where you easily search for journals or publishers and see if they are included. We strive to include all publishers, and most of our focus goes on indexing PubMed, MedLine, Embase, BiorXiv, MedrXiv and ArXiv.

General Questions

Not at the moment. We are planning in multi-language support. If you want to speed up the development of a specific language, please contact us.

Yes. PapersHive is intended and designed as a SaaS application in order to be highly available on any browser and device as quickly and efficient as possible.

Yes you will. Buy purchasing a license you will get personalized support in form of emails, calls and video-meetings for you and your team. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome and will be prioritized.

Yes, you can! Please, contact us at [email protected] and we will set you up and running in no time.

Your Library

PapersHive cannot get the full-text of closed-access publications. As any other reference manager software, it relies on your licenses and findings when it comes to close-publications. If you have access to those full-texts, you can easily upload them with PapersHive.

You can easily import your library directly into PapersHive from anywhere, as long as the format is supported. Currently: DOI, PDF, BibTek, RIS and EndNote. This will get you started in seconds.

Not at the moment. We are planning in a recommendation system that would take the form of a feed and/or email, but there is no hard timeline on it yet.

PapersHive is designed following the best practises of Oracle Secure Cloud and they follow the security standards. All the servers are located in EU and we follow extremely rigidl GDPR compliance. Lastly, by deleting an account all your personal data such as findings, highlights, libraries and annotations will be permanently deleted as you are always in control of your data.

Not at the moment. We are planning in a saving system that would allow you to manage searches and get notifications on different results.

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