Papershive: The new innovative search

An end-to-end solution for academia

Our mission: find, organize and collaborate all-in-one!

Fully developed in Sweden, PapersHive is an end-to-end solution for research: search publications, save them, re-organize them with tags and comments into handy collections, and share them with other colleagues. No need to have so many different tools and dealing with compatibility issues. Let us handle the work.

Innovative Search

PapersHive collects data daily from the most known databases and academic libraries: PubMed, Arxiv, ACM, ACL Onthology, IEEE, Springer, etc.. How to search efficiently in all these million records? Worry not, PapersHive has the answer. We have designed one of the most easy advance search syntax. Not used to advance search? Then what about our semantic AI that breaks your millions of results in meaningful categories? Relevancy is in your control.

Organize your research

With PapersHive you can go beyond simply saving publications in your personal page. You can organize them into meaningful collections, add tags, comments and more.  You will be able to manage hundreds of papers without renouncing to simplicity.

Collaboration by design

All your collections and papers are shareable in a simple link. Send the link to your colleagues, to your students, to your supervisor, the use cases are unlimited. Do not worry about synchronizing and having everyone on track: PapersHive will do the trick!


The new search engine for academia!