How Lab Consultancy Group went from days of research to minutes without losing in quality.

Lab Consultancy Group (LCG) is a British company providing scientific consulting. They used to spend days and weeks gathering medical data points, with PapersHive the time spent shrunk to hours.

How Lab Consultancy Group went from days of research to minutes without losing in quality

Lab Consultancy Group (LCG) is a British company providing independent and impartial scientific consulting. Their main expertise and advice is focused on supporting R&D, with innovation and clinical expertise.


Consultancy: RnD, Clinical Research, Lab Automation.

Company Size:

Medium / Small (1-50 employees)



Use Case:

Automate Literature surveillance processes.


Reference Manager, AI Search Strategies, Key Opinion Leader.

– Having access to primary literature such as Publications, Clinical Trials data is critical for our clients, says Saba Khan, founder of LCG.

Especially when considering LCG serves a variety of customers such as pharmaceutical companies, new biotech start-up companies, government health organisations, lab automation companies, and hospital pathology labs.

– As an independent Scientific Consultant, we find solutions to problems by conducting our own research, says Saba.

This includes, for example, writing reports, conducting surveys, interviews, and identifying key opinion leaders for expert advice. Such process can easily take days of work just for finding few data points. As everything start with searching broader topics, and then slowly narrowing it down to smaller and more accurate topics.

Consequently the research is then put together and a case is built upon next steps.

– We need to understand a broad range of topics, collect information from a range of experts and sources and then translate that information into something useful and practical. Hours, days, weeks of research may culminate into a few powerful sentences, concludes Saba.

PapersHive decreased the time to information to a fraction

During the fall of 2023, Saba was able to successfully launch PapersHive with her consultancy company.

Be it scouting latest trends, key opinion leaders, publications and relevant clinical evidence, LCG was able to accelerate their development at their customers' benefit.

The success of LCG is due to two PapersHive features: AI Search Strategies and Reference Management.

1. AI Search Strategies Generator

PapersHive provides automated search strategies with an explainable and transparent AI. As no one can read thousands of papers once a search is done, the AI finds co-occurrences and therefore generates accurate Search Strategies that don't miss out.

This allowed LCG to quickly scout thousands of publications and topics, in just a few seconds.

– Using PapersHive has been revolutionary in this approach, as its quick and easy to use. I would’ve previously have spent hours (if not days!) browsing and searching through PubMed or Google Scholar for relevant medical data.

2. Smart Reference Management

Once the medical data was collected, LCG needed a place where to store it and share it with their colleagues and potentially clients.  

– PapersHive's Reference Manager took 5 minutes to learn. Much easier compared to other Reference Managers such as Mendeley.

PapersHive's design was built by iterating with over 100 professionals in the sector ensuring simplicity and safety!

PapersHive has made LCG so much more efficient! I don’t need to waste hours of my life searching for the right paper.

In Conclusion

LCG can now focus on what's most important for them and satisfy their customers needs without losing time in understanding specific topics, trends, key opinion leaders, and manage references. All of this, while not bargaining in quality.

Everything starts with search.

With a smart suite of search tools to help you find the information you need, when you need it. Enhance your Search Experience with PapersHive Today!

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