How Kancera saved time with PapersHive Biomedical Search.

Learn how Kancera uses PapersHive to solve sharing knowledge within teams, simplify the scientific processes and find what is relevant quickly and accurately among 250 million publications.

How Kancera saved time with PapersHive Biomedical Search

About Kancera

Kancera AB is a Swedish company world leader in developing small molecule drugs for cancer and inflammation. Their mission is to translate medical discoveries into pharmaceutical products that show clinical potential for the treatment of cancer and inflammation.


Biotechnology Research

Company Size:

Medium / Small (1-50 employees)



Use Case:

Automate Literature surveillance processes.


Reference Manager, MS Word Add-In, Search Keyword Analysis, Collaboration.

The challenges

No one wants to waste time. Especially if your business is within Life Science.

Like many other companies in biotechnology research, Kancera needs to scout relevant literature with scientific search engines and make it available for its team. This means using search engines such as PubMed, shared libraries (often referred to as Reference Managers), and screen dozens of publications regularly.

Martin Norin, COO at Kancera
Martin Norin, COO at Kancera

Martin Norin, Chief Operating Officer of Kancera, among the many responsibilities is in charge of designing the scientific searches that are regularly performed and to maintain the internal scientific library shared by his team.

"The product is already very efficient and I do believe it has a lot of potential for further development. Thank you for introducing me to PapersHive at this early stage!" – Martin Norin, COO Kancera

So Martin had used a number of Reference Managers and other tools over the years in order to ensure that Kancera's team was up to date and could save and find relevant publications.

The solutions he came up with were not efficient and not well-designed for his case. He found Reference Managers ability to share publications overly complicated. And traditional scientific search engines didn't allow him to quickly screen and filter relevant publications for his case.

Martin needed a tool for finding relevant publications, saving them into a shared library, filtering quickly into patterns, and making it easy for his team to get access to this information. All while keeping a low learning curve.

He also needed a platform that could integrate his current workflow and not just substitute it. As PubMed plays a central role in Kancera's scientific searches, Martin wanted to integrate his findings rather than to re-perform his research.

Thus, Kancera launched PapersHive in their daily tasks.

An easy to use platform for Literature Surveillance and Reference Management: PapersHive

During the summer 2022, Martin was able to effectively map Kancera's daily routines with PapersHive and make the best of it.

Some of the benefits Kancera attained with PapersHive platform are:

Easy to use and really quick

In contrast to the tools experienced before by Kancera, PaperHive was easy to use from the start and screening searches was extremely quick from the start.

With simplicity and intuitive GUI/UX at its heart, PapersHive is designed to be simple and understandable. And Kancera could onboard easily into PapersHive, and easily understand how to use it.

Thanks to a set of keyword extraction, Kancera could focus on and screen only their core research topics in a matter of seconds.

An AI enhanced shared library

As Martin says "With PapersHive it's easy to create and manage shared team-libraries".

With usual Reference Managers one can create and share libraries, insert publications, and write reports. On top of that, PapersHive offers a set of AI tools to simplify libraries' management such as automated removal of duplicates, full-text search, automated PDF download, and keyword extraction.

"We mostly perform very specific/narrow searches"
– Martin Norin, COO Kancera

PapersHive Reference Manager is designed with the purpose of simplifying the managing process by saving as much time as possible and automating the manual tasks.


As there are millions of publications that are growing daily, removing noise and focusing on what's most important is no trivial task. "We mostly perform very specific/narrow searches," says Martin.

In PapersHive every search is analyzed and trends are presented in order to speed up the filtering process.

Well integrated with PubMed

To stay efficient and not perform once again the same research, PapersHive offers a variety of integrations. This allows users to migrate from any Reference Manager and include search results of other engines, such as PubMed, directly into the platform.

Kancera did not have to choose between PapersHive or PubMed as they are consistently using both to their best advantage.


With the help of PapersHive, Kancera was able to create a library, share it with his team effectively and filter relevant publications with the AI filtering. Everything while keeping a low learning curve and not being forced to choose among tools.

As Martin concludes: "The product is already very efficient and I do believe it has a lot of potential for further development. Thank you for introducing me to PapersHive at this early stage!"

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