Analysis at Scale / Automated Literature Surveillance / Microsoft Word Add-On.

Analysis at Scale / Automated Literature Surveillance / Microsoft Word Add-On

Dear PapersHive Community,

A lot has happened in the past year! Thanks to your amazing feedback and curiosity PapersHive is improving rapidly, and every day coming closer to our mission to facilitate the Life Science workflow.

In this newsletter you will learn about some new exciting improvements of our platform, as well as introduce some interesting features coming up during the fall!

Automated Literature Surveillance for your Business!

Thanks to your feedback during the summer PapersHive released a new version of its Search Engine. Improved AI, better relevancy, more datasets, and more features. Here what it means to your business:

✓  Spend less time in creating Search Strategies, as PapersHive does it automatically.

✓  Track in seconds Key Opinion Leaders for your Marketing and Sales.

✓  Never fear to miss out again, and always be in perfect sync with PubMed, MedLine, and other Medical Datasets.

PapersHive - Keyword analysis and Author Analysis

Easy Reporting with an AI Microsoft Word Add-On

FDA/EMA or simply publishing requires a massive amount of time spent on going through citations and deciding their format. By using PapersHive MS Add-On        you will experience a stable and reliable Reference Manager. Combined with its AI, you will never have to worry about duplicates or team syncing anymore.

✓  Perfectly Integrated with other Reference Managers such as Mendeley, Zotero and EndNote for allowing.

✓  Automatically generate Bibliography in conformity with FDA/EME and other authorities.

✓  Spend less time worrying about fixing the report. Let PaperHive take care of that.

PapersHive - MS Word Add-In

Scientific Analysis at Scale

Need to evaluate dozens of publications? With the new AI Analysis you can analyze thousands of publications at scale. You can import them from other Reference Managers, your computer or simply from the search through the import 1000 articles button. When available, a PDF is automatically downloaded and duplicates are prevented.

✓  Automatically spot trends and key topics — remove noise in seconds and read only what is important.

✓  Deep Key Opinion Leader tracking to send to your Marketing and Sales team.

✓  Add comments directly in the PDF or on the reference alone or in teams.

PapersHive - Collection view.

When used correctly our Analysis tool is the single most powerful tool to your pipeline as it combines the power of a Search Engine, a Reference Manager and AI analysis all in one.

What is coming next?

By gathering your feedback, here are some features coming soon:

1.  Saving Queries with Automatic Monitoring.  You will be able to save important search strategies and be automatically notified if something related to it is published.

2.  Clinical Trials.   Being able to search in both publications and clinical trials will allow you to spend less time switching platforms and your workflow will be unified. At the same time you can easily spot Adverse Effects and identify trends in Clinical Research.

3.  Patents.   Having a good grip on what is out there both on a IP and a Legal aspect can be crucial. If your Business relies on patent scouting and tracking, these are good news for you! PapersHive will soon allow you to perform analysis and full-text search on patents, IP and trademarks.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any feedback, don't hesitate to write to us!

Keep Surveil Literature in Automation,

PapersHive Team    

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