Date Operator / Query Alert / Docs.

Date Operator / Query Alert / Docs

Dear PapersHive Community,

This is a quick overview on last month features and improvements

Narrow down your searches with a Date Operator

PapersHive search now supports date ranges and date operators. You can specify a single date, or a range of years, months and days, you will only get articles published on that specific range. You can find more information on our advanced search syntax guide.

Never miss publications with Saving Queries & Alerts

You have now the possibility to save each search you make, so you do not have to redo them. On top of that, you can activate an alert and set it on daily, weekly or monthly. And you will receive an email directly on your inbox with the new publications.

PapersHive - Saving Queries for being alerted later on. 

Always be up-to-date with our docs

You might hire new people or simply sync with your team. PapersHive functionalities and features are many. This is why we created a comprehensive documentation. Here you can find all the how-tos and a clarification about PaperHive.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any feedback, don't hesitate to write to us!

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