Is PapersHive a good Academic Search Engine?

Of course it is! It is based on latest research on information retrieval systems, it has a futuristic UX like never search engine has ever seen before, it is fully built in-house therefore independent from Third Parties and GDPR compliant. At PapersHive we believe that these are the perfect ingredients for a next-generation search engine.

If you are unfamiliar with PapersHive, we’re the leading search engine for concept discovery within academia. We go beyond just providing you a million of results in a list that you cannot check in a lifetime and put you in full control of the information. But let’s dive into one thing at a time.


Based on latest research

First of all, we are a search engine. Therefore bringing you relevant results is our top priority and it will always be. This is everything but an easy task. Luckily academia comes in help with formal-scientific metrics used in Information Retrieval such as: Mean Reciprocal Rank (MRR) and Mean Average Precision (MAP). We rigorously validate the engine towards these measures. Constantly.

But at PapersHive we took it a step forward. We developed our own proprietary algorithms with latest Neural Information Retrieval techniques and an AI categorizer that goes beyond a simple list. In short we created a bridge between academia and industrial search.


Groovy UX

If it is the first time you are using PapersHive you might get an overwhelming feeling such as “What are those bubbles on the right?” or“Where should I look at?” But don’t get discouraged, you are just getting a taste of our secret sauce: the Hive Effect! Those bubbles on the right are categories related to the search you have just made. We believe this UX is extremely useful both if you want to dig into a specific concept, by selecting a category; and if you want to have an overview of a search, by simply reading the categories’ labels.

In order to measure the effectiveness of our UX we have conducted a research study at Uppsala University. It turned out that 95% of the interviewed (students, researchers and professors) thought our design was improving their search experience. We hope that our design can improve also your search experience and help you discover concepts you were unaware of!


Fully independent

There are tons of search engines all around us. But how many of them can claim that are truly independent? PapersHive can. We collect open access papers from the web with in-house crawlers (also known as bots or spiders), then we feed them to a cleaner that extracts the texts and structures it. Finally we ingest the articles into our engine in order to deliver you recent discoveries in science.

Should independence be a factor when selecting a search engine? Yes, at PapersHive we believe so. There are many advantages. First of all we can ensure you what happens to your data (as stated in our Privacy Policy) without any Third Party to interfere. The same applies to our search algorithms and papers acquisition. Not being dependent from others means you can rely on our services. Always.


GDPR compliant

We have pride in being based in Sweden, Europe. This, among other things, means that we are fully GDPR compliant. You are always in control of your data and you can inspect our Privacy Policy in order to see by yourself how we collect data and for which purposes.


Last but not least… you!

What do you think of PapersHive? How are you using our Hive Effect?

If you have any question regarding how our engine works or any suggestion regarding how to improve it, please just connect with us on our social medias or send us an email [email protected]